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Delays to ‘no fault’ divorce: should you wait to start divorce proceedings?

From April 2022 ‘no fault’ divorce will become available in England and Wales. This will mean that a party to a marriage may apply for a divorce without having to show that their spouse has done anything wrong, such as adultery or desertion. However, couples will have to now wait until April 2022 to use this new route – a further delay to its implementation which was expected this Autumn.

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Obtaining an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) – when do you need to bring in a lawyer?

Until the age of 25, a child or young person may be eligible for an Education, Health and Care Plan (‘EHCP’) from your local authority. As the name suggests, this may cover educational needs, social care needs and health needs. Obtaining an EHCP is not always straightforward.

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Domestic abuse – relationship breakdown and staying in the UK without your partner

With domestic abuse very much in the news - and the government’s Domestic Abuse Bill receiving royal assent on 29th April, four years after it was announced in the Queen’s speech - we look here at this subject in the context of UK immigration law.

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British Citizenship – Go Forth and Prosper

“I was over the moon, I actually cried that day,” he says. “It was such a good feeling to know that, one, I could travel; but two, I’m part of something I’ve actually helped support and build. I pay my taxes, have done a lot of good work, and now I’m not like an alien or someone on the outside looking in.”

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Parental Alienation: Be Smarter Parents when you Separate

Many of my clients come to the first meeting asking: “How should we tell the children we are separating?” By just asking that question demonstrates mindful parenting. The parents both equally share the dread of that moment and how the children may react (putting their own issues to one side) but in so many cases the feedback suggests “it went okay” or “pretty well considering”.

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Press Release 30 March 2021: 9125 days of sex with a liar

Sex every day for 25 years with a lying husband. That was the crux of Valemus Law’s Mark Goldstein’s eye-opening case that made it into Chapter 4 in the newly released definitive guide for women who have suffered a relationship breakdown, “The D-Word: When He's Got to Go, He's Got to Go” by relationship expert, Lisa Palmer, and entrepreneur, Lucinder Ellery.

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No Fault Divorce

After many, many years of campaigning, the blame game is to finally be removed, with the hope that separating parties will concentrate on resolving issues regarding their children and finances rather than focusing on why the marriage broke down.

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Divorce: Don’t Suffer In Silence

The start of each year always shows a spike in divorce cases. No one should suffer in silence. If you are in a controlling relationship or been subject to any mental or physical abuse then there are organisations, the police and charities to help.

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