Valemus Law Partner Mark Goldstein contributes to “The D-Word: When He’s Got to Go, He’s Got to Go

Sex every day for 25 years with a lying husband. That was the crux of Valemus Law’s Mark Goldstein’s eye-opening case that made it into Chapter 4 in the newly released definitive guide for women who have suffered a relationship breakdown, “The D-Word: When He’s Got to Go, He’s Got to Go” by internationally renowned matchmaker and relationship expert, Lisa Palmer, and entrepreneur, Lucinder Ellery (published by Mooney and Lambert LLC).

The book aims to set out everything you need to know about the psychological effect of a relationship breaking down, how to get help, moving forward, divorce, health, fitness, and nutrition to kick start your life.

Mark Goldstein, a partner and specialist in divorce and family law at Valemus Law, was approached by long-standing business acquaintance, Lisa Palmer. With an emphasis on women, she asked if he would develop a chapter around the theme of those women who have been subjected to mental and physical abuse; are at their lowest mentally; and really didn’t know which way to turn, or to whom they should turn.

Mark’s case, from 2012, is just one example of the curious and complex cases his 35+ years as a top divorce lawyer has brought him. While the headline is eye-opening (or even eye-watering), such extreme scenarios are not unique. From horrendous abuse to the strange, just when Mark thinks he has seen and heard everything, a new scenario crops up.  Abuse (for men and women alike) has ranged from being locked up in a cage to being forced to walk round the house on all fours wearing a dog lead and collar and being treated as the family pet, to listening to a client giving a rendition of When Harry Met Sally to describe their three in a bed relationship.

“I was delighted to be asked to contribute,” says Mark. “Relationships can be horrendous, and the chances are, the situation from which a woman wishes to escape is not necessarily going to be unique. Giving examples of cases such as these was my way of stating that, if someone is suffering, whatever the circumstances, they should never suffer in silence. Don’t be afraid to reach out. There is always someone to help – whether it be a friend, the police or a professional specialising in domestic violence or abuse.”

The D-Word: When He’s Got to Go, He’s Got to Go was published on 23rd March 2021.

Mark Goldstein, Divorce and Family Law