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Redundancy, data protection and the curse of the Data Subject Access Request:

Employment Tribunals, faced with two hostile adversaries, are required calmly to reflect on the evidence before them and to determine both the facts of a claim and the appropriate legal interpretation to place on those facts.  Typically, the available documentary evidence is incomplete, records are at times inaccurate (sometimes inadvertently, sometimes by design) and not all witnesses will be available or willing to give evidence.  As a result, those on the Employment Tribunal panel, faced with contradictory evidence from the parties, must weigh up such evidence as they have, and try to determine who they believe.  Parties need to appreciate that factors which undermine their credibility can have a fatal effect on a claim, regardless of whether they are the claimant or respondent.

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Valemus Law provides access to all the business legal services offered by regular commercial law firms as well as many of those offered in the personal legal sectors, such as employment and immigration, but we go the extra mile to deliver value. From litigation advice to contract drafting, whether you are a sole trader or an executive within a global corporation, our goal is the same as yours: success.  Likewise, our family solicitors in London and around the country are there to offer support, and sound independent legal advice and direction at what can be one of the most difficult times in your life, whether it be a divorce or a dispute in relation to children.  Indeed, a number of our family lawyers are solicitor advocates, meaning that they can not only run your case for you, but also represent you in Court, giving you continuity and the peace of mind that your advocate knows your case inside out.


Our business and family solicitors are confident, professional, highly motivated, focussed, experienced, expert, well-qualified, understanding, affable, conscientious, considerate, astute, able, knowledgeable, exceptional, award-winning…a veritable ecosystem of expertise ready to provide you with outstanding independent legal advice, and to meet all your business, personal and family law needs. Click on the link below to find out more or, better still, call us on 0333 339 0309 or email us with your query to arrange a meeting with one of our experts.


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What Our Customers Say

“I would recommend Mark Goldstein to anyone that asked as I found the process so much easier to deal than I thought it would be. Mark was very helpful and the outcome was super. He responded to any communication and always answered all my questions.”


“Joanna is that rare combination of an ethical caring super efficient family law solicitor. I would trust her implicitly to do the right thing and achieve excellent results for my family in court.”

“James is the consummate professional and I have enjoyed working with him on a number of complex legal issues, his assistance has been invaluable.”
Lloyd Hopkins, Managing Director, Interlink Software
“As an Independent HR Consultant, I have worked with Suzanne at Valemus Law on a number of occasions over recent years. In each interaction, Suzanne has been knowledgeable, approachable and incredibly professional; she has explained the legal position with admirable clarity and given clear and concise guidance both to me and, where appropriate, to my clients directly. I would recommend Valemus Law to anyone who needs accessible, professional employment law advice and support.”
Abby Cox, Director, Career Bud Limited

“We instructed Michael English on a commercial dispute from the earlier sale of one of my businesses. Michael resolved the matter very effectively for us, while at the same time maintaining a relationship between us and the other party. Michael was extremely professional, and pleasant to work with. He is our now our first choice lawyer for any legal or commercial problem. I would absolutely recommend him (and already have) to anyone else needing legal help for their business or personal matters”

H. Ali, London

“I have had the privilege of working with Jane Bunch, both directly and indirectly through legal colleagues and business and technology client personnel, on a wide range of technology and intellectual property transactions and contracts. These have included international licensing and joint venture projects with related proprietary product and services contracts, research services and collaboration contracts, IP aspects of M&A deals and others. Jane is a highly experienced and accomplished advisor, contract drafter and negotiator with interpersonal and communication skills that make her a valued team player. Equally importantly, her proactive approach to efficient and cost-effective project and workload management and administration have made her a trusted colleague and I have enjoyed working with her.”

Stephen L. Hensley, retired Managing Counsel, Global IP, BP America

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In this series of podcasts Joanna talks about divorce and separation in a refreshingly frank and open take on how to manage the process better.

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