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Immigration issues, whether individual or commercial, often need rapid solutions.  Immigration rules are also becoming increasingly complex.  You need solutions to be robust and you need an immigration lawyer who can understand their intricacies.  You also need advice that is not going to cost the earth when the process itself is costly enough.

Valemus Law is a business, family and immigration solicitors in London.  We are innovative, knowledgeable, firm with the authorities when they need to be, and have in depth knowledge of immigration law and procedures. Our immigration solicitors have multi-dimensional experience allowing them to represent both companies and individuals in a timely fashion.  We will take the time to understand your needs fully before providing advice on your options, the prospects of success, and the risks

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The following services are just some of the applications and services that our immigration solicitors can assist you with: –

  • Tiers 1, 2, 4 and 5 of the Points-Based System
  • Entry clearance and visa applications
  • Sponsor licence applications
  • Appeals, in-country and out-of-country (paper appeals, and oral appeals at the tribunal hearing)
  • Visitors
  • Students
  • Indefinite leave to remain applications
  • British citizenship via naturalisation and registration
  • Spouses/civil partners and family reunion
  • Dependent relatives
  • Marriage applications and Certificates of Approval
  • Discretionary applications
  • Human rights-based claims
  • European applications
Immigration solicitors in london

Immigration for Businesses

It may be that you’re a successful business looking to expand into the UK, or a UK based business who needs to secure short or long-term employees from outside the UK; perhaps you’re an investor looking to invest monies in one or more UK companies, or an entrepreneur wanting to bring your business ideas to the UK.  Whatever the nuances in your particular case, our immigration solicitors here at Valemus are fully aware of the difficulties of the points-based system, any options available and the steps that need to be taken with the UK Immigration Service in order to achieve your goals.

At Valemus we understand the need to find the right immigration lawyer to support your business through visa and/or sponsorship applications; someone who can give you clear and timely advice on your options.  Unlike many other immigration law firms in London and the UK, as our immigration solicitors, all at partner level, are not primarily office-based they can focus more of their time on meeting your needs and can offer you a flexible service that gets it right the first time and as time-efficiently as possible, to enable you, in turn, to focus on the all-important goal of keeping your business running.

Immigration for Couples and Families

There are many forms of visa applications that can be made in relation to families and couples who are seeking entry into the UK for a variety of reasons. Maybe for example, you’re wanting to:

  • Join family already living in the UK, as a dependant i.e. to live with or be cared for by family.
  • Apply as a parent for your children to join you in the UK, or to remain in the UK if they’re already there.
  • Apply as a child to join a parent or family already living the UK.
  • Marry or enter into a civil partnership with your fiancé(e) who already resides in the UK.
  • Apply for your spouse or civil partner with to come to the UK to and live with you here.

Whatever your circumstances, at Valemus we recognise the importance of family and the need to have an immigration lawyer, who can guide you through your visa application and help you to avoid many of the pitfalls that can result in your application being rejected or refused, so that you can be united with your loved ones as soon as possible.

Immigration for Students & those seeking work experience

Choosing what and where you study can be an exciting but daunting experience, especially if you’ve chosen to study in the UK from abroad. Or it may be that you are nearing graduation or have just graduated and have outstanding entrepreneurial skills that have been recognised by your UK university.  Perhaps you’re wanting to travel to the UK to undertake work experience, training or to be part of an overseas government language programme, research or fellowship project via an exchange scheme.  The question is, which visa applies to you and what happens if you want to remain in the UK after it has expired?

There are a number of visa applications that apply to students and those seeking to enter the UK for work experience and the like, including, but not limited to the following:

Standard Visitor visa grants you permission to undertake a short course of study that lasts no longer than 6 months.

Short-term study visa permits you to come to the UK to study an English language course that is over 6 months but no more than 11 months.

Student visa is usually for a longer course i.e., a degree. You must be sponsored by a licensed college or university and have a confirmed place. You may be able to do some work on this visa.

Child Student visa is for 4- to 17-year-olds who want to study at an independent school. If you’re 16 or over, you can do some work on this visa.

A Tier 5 Visa – whilst these applications cover a number of scenarios, they also apply to those looking to enter the UK for an internship/work experience, or a research or fellowship project you are looking to undertake via an exchange scheme.

Moving abroad is a huge step, especially if you’re young and leaving family and friends behind.  At Valemus we recognise that you will have a lot on your mind already without the worry of completing the right visa forms and paperwork. It is vitally important to find the right immigration lawyer, to navigate you through your visa application successfully the first time. Our immigration solicitors are here to support and guide you through your application including completing the forms and providing you with outstanding legal advice, so that you can focus on your big move rather than getting bogged down by process and paperwork.

Indefinite Leave to Remain Applications

Of course, if you’ve been living and working in the UK for a number of years then you may want to consider applying for indefinite leave to remain in the UK.  This gives you the right to live, work and study here for as long as you like. It can also allow access to state benefits.

The usual period of time that you have to have been resident and working in the UK before such an application can be made is 5 years.  However, there are exceptions to this rule, and you may need to meet salary or financial requirements if your application is to be successful.

For more information on indefinite leave to remain applications, please contact us to arrange a meeting with an immigration lawyer, who can give you clear and pragmatic legal advice as to your rights and how to go about making a successful application.

Appeals and Tribunals

At Valemus Law we are proud of our high rate of success with our visa applications. Because of the care and attention to detail we give to each case, applications that we are instructed by clients to make are usually granted. But no law firm has 100% success; and not least because the decision-makers at the Home Office can and do make mistakes, and wrongly refuse good applications.

Visa applications can be far from plain sailing, and like immigration law firms throughout the country we regularly at Valemus Law receive urgent requests for advice and assistance from people whose applications (whether for entry clearance, or for leave to remain) have been refused. Our immigration solicitors are on hand to support and guide you through what can be an extremely stressful time for you and often your family too.

Time is of the essence in these circumstances. You need an immigration lawyer who can give you concise legal advice and who can act swiftly, as you will often be faced with the option of either making a fresh application or appealing the decision that has been made by the Home Office if your immigration lawyer thinks that it is wrong.  If you’re going for the latter option, you have 28 days to appeal if you live outside the UK and only 10 working days if you are still in the UK.

If you chose to appeal our immigration solicitors at Valemus will advise you though the appeals process and can represent you at the tribunal if you matter proceeds that far-giving you the peace of mind that your advocate knows your case inside and out.

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