VLAW Limited is aware that there are several scams in operation whereby the names of law firms and those of their lawyers are being abused. VLAW Limited, trading as Valemus Law, has recently experienced this abuse first hand.

 April 2018

Our trading name and branding (logo, font, etc.) and on occasion the names of individual lawyers working with Valemus Law, have recently been used in various fraudulent scam emails, letters and phone calls. Most recently, we received notification of their use on a purported contract between two overseas parties.

These communications typically come in the form of demands for money in relation to non-existent claims. Sometimes fake documents are sent to the victim. Occasionally, there have been fraudulent representations for distributions of money.

Common themes include:

  • Wills of named individuals in which the recipient is a beneficiary
  • Visa processing services for roles outside the UK
  • Bogus solicitors or barristers misusing our name regarding funds to be released from banks
  • Contracts purporting to be drafted by us regarding business sales outside the UK
  • use of our details by fake credit consolidators or debt collectors

This list is not exhaustive and new scams are constantly being created. Their aims are invariably to extract money or personal data from you which may be used in illegal activities. We exhort you to act with caution when you receive such communications purportedly from us.

Please note that Valemus Law and its lawyers are not involved in these or any other scams. Our brand and firm name is being used in an unauthorised and illegal way. Note that we do not use gmail, googlemail, hotmail or yahoo addresses.

We recommend you delete scam emails and do not reply to scam letters. If you need to check with us whether a communication is genuine, please contact