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Living in the same accommodation when you’re separated

In the present economic climate, many people are really concerned about how they are going to meet their living costs as the winter approaches.  Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that inflation in the UK in the 12 months to September 2022 reached 10.1% and the Bank of England report that it could [...]

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Grandparents rights to see their grandchildren

The question of grandparent’s rights to see their grandchildren when they are being denied the ability to spend time with them is a common one for family lawyers. Typically, there tends to be two main reasons why grandparents lose contact with their grandchildren: - either their own child has, or is in the process of [...]

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Family Partner Joanna Abrahams features on BBC Three Counties Radio discussing the Splitting Headache Podcast

Valemus Law's Joanna Abrahams recently featured on BBC Three Counties Babs Michel's Sunday Morning show discussing her new podcast, The Splitting Headache. In the interview which aired on Sunday 30th October, Joanna discussed episode one of the podcast which covers Parental Alienation. If you would like to hear the first episode of The Splitting Headache podcast [...]

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Can I stop my spouse sharing my inheritance on divorce?

Valemus Law's Family Law Specialist Julia Cluley has written an article, which featured in the FT Adviser, looking closely at whether a spouse will be awarded a share of inherited assets in a divorce settlement and what, if anything, someone could do to reduce the chance of this happening. To read Julia's full article, visit [...]

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Neil Sibley goes the distance with boxing’s George Groves for a sports law podcast

Valemus’ sports law specialist Neil Sibley has represented many sporting champions, including the now-retired boxer George Groves. So he was more than happy to go head-to-head with George to record a podcast. As someone with in-depth experience of the law when it comes to boxing – and many other professional sports – Neil talked with [...]

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6 key legal considerations before starting a divorce

So, what are the 6 key legal considerations to bear in mind before starting a divorce? Firstly, do bear in mind before considering starting the divorce process that it can be very emotionally draining and is known to be one of life’s most stressful experiences, so take steps to ensure you have a good support [...]

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Julia Cluley and Joanna Abrahams detail the rights of cohabiting couples

Valemus’ Julia Cluley and Joanna Abrahams wrote an article that explains the misconceptions many have about the law relating to cohabiting couples. In their piece, which was published by the IFA magazine for financial and investment professionals, divorce and family law specialist Julia and Joanna, a family and children expert, detail the rights of those [...]

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Is there a place for Separation Agreements now that the divorce laws have been changed?

In her recent article, published by Today’s Family Lawyer, Valemus Law’s Julia Cluley, looks closely at whether Separation Agreements, agreements separating couples entering divorce proceedings use so they can move on with their lives at the earliest possible opportunity, still have a place in divorce law since the introduction of no-fault divorce. You can read [...]

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Joanna Abrahams writes in The Times about why parents are suffering due to private law case delays

The Times has published a piece by Valemus’ Joanna Abrahams about the problems parents are facing because of the length of time taken to conclude private law cases. Joanna, who is a partner at Valemus, says that private law cases are taking longer and longer to complete, with more cases being brought each year than [...]

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