We are required by our regulating body, the SRA, to publish our range of fees. The fees set out below are an approximate range, based on our experience. We will provide you with a more tailored fee estimate for your agreement prior to our commencing any work. Factors that may affect the cost include: whether it is a first-time applicant or extension, if there are multiple dependents (e.g. several children), language, the number of supporting documents or witnesses, possible attendance at a Home Office interview, and whether it is a fast-tracked/premium application. Some cases may be unusually complex, require more time and therefore exceed the range given above. (e.g. if there is a particularly poor immigration history, or difficult previous refusals, criminal records, etc.).

ServiceFee Range
(Ex. VAT)
Consultation (providing you with an initial assessment of your situation and the options available to you, either by telephone, in a meeting or by email)£200 - £350
Tier 1 (entrepreneur) extensions only£5000 - £10000
Tier 1 Innovator£5000 - £10000
Tier 1 Start Up£2500 - £6000
Tier 1 (investor)£5000 - £10000
Graduate Student (Summer 2021)£2000 -£45000
Global Talent£4000 - £8000
Skilled Worker£2000 - £4500
ICT£2000 - £4500
Temporary Worker£2000 - £4500
Sole Representative£2500 - £6000
Sports (Tiers 2 and 5)£2000 - £4500
UK Ancestry£2000 - £3000
Dependants£1250 - £2500
Fiancé(e) / Proposed Partner£2000 - £4500
Spouse / Civil Partner£2000 - £4500
Unmarried Partner£2000 - £4500
Children£2000 - £4500
Settling in the UK (indefinite leave) - Partner/Child£2500 - £5500
Settling in the UK - Domestic Violence / Bereaved Partner£2500 - £5500
Naturalisation£2000 - £4500
Registration£2000 - £4500
Complex citizenship issues£3000 - £6000
EU APPLICATIONS – EU citizens/family members
EEA Family Permit£1500 - £4500
EUSS£1500 - £4500
ILR - 10 Years Long Residence£2000 -£4500
Limited Leave to Remain – 20 years / most of life in UK£2500 - £5000
Visit visas (for tourism, or visiting friends/family)£1500 -£4500
Student Visa/Extension£2000 -£3500
ILR (PBS)£2000 -£4500
ILR (non PBS)£3000 - £7000
Leave to Remain outside the Immigration Rules£2000 - £5000
Returning Resident Visa£3000 - £7500
TOC Application£1500 - £3500
NTL Application£750 - £1500
Immigration Appeals£5000 - £15000

Please Note:

(a) For Applications

Our work will generally include as follows:

  • considering documents, taking instructions and providing initial advice;
  • advising on and where necessary helping you to obtain the required supporting documents including taking statements of any witnesses;
  • completing the application in draft for you to check/amend before signing it;
  • preparing our legal representation letter to accompany the application;
  • posting (Special Delivery) to the Home Office, or to you as required in order then for you to submit; (alternatively where the application is done online as is increasingly the case, it is for you to submit it, followed by your presenting the documents in person);
  • and to keep you informed and updated on progress with the application and finally to notify you of the outcome of the application, and any resulting further steps you need to take.
  • Once submitted, we cannot guarantee how long the Home Office will take to process your application. For application made in the UK the Home Office generally gives itself up to 6 months within which to make its decision (in our recent experience decisions are currently being made well within that timescale, on average around 8 – 12 weeks, depending on the application). For visa applications from outside the UK, please see the Home Office published current processing times:
  • We will normally be able to submit an application within 2-3 weeks of you instructing us though it varies depending on the type of application and the facts in each case; we will let you know more accurately once we have assessed your case and the availability of required documents.

Work not included in the fee ranges given above is:

  • our attendance at any Home Office interview. If the Home Office asks you to attend an interview we will give you clear advice (and discuss the possibility of our attending with you). This could be between 2 and 4 hours additional work; and
  • advice and assistance in relation to any appeal, should your application be refused by the Home Office.

In addition to legal fees the applicant will in most cases have to pay: (1) Home Office application fees (see here for current publish fee list:; (2) Immigration Health Service (IHS) charge:; (3) Home Office Biometric charge (currently £19.20); (4) Special Delivery postage charges (estimate per application: £15, plus VAT where applicable); and (4) ) where applicable certified translator’s costs (costs are dependent on the language and the translator company – we will provide you with options in advance whenever translation is required).

(b) For Appeals to First-tier Tribunal

Our work will generally include: initial advice; preparing and filing notice of appeal; advising on and where necessary helping you to obtain the required supporting documents including taking statements of any witnesses;  assessing evidence to support appeal; corresponding with Home Office; preparing appeal bundles; instructing and liaising with Counsel; attending at the hearing.

Our work included in the fee range given above will not include advice and assistance in relation to any further appeal/challenge, should your appeal to the First-tier tribunal not be allowed.

In addition to our legal fees, you will have to pay for Counsel’s work (usually to settle the formal grounds of appeal, and then representation at the tribunal hearing: estimate £800 – £1,000 plus VAT); and the Tribunal fee, which is currently of £140; also printing and postage costs (for the appeal bundles), estimate £50 plus VAT; and where applicable certified interpreters’ and /or translators’ costs (please see comments at (a) above).

Please note that after filing notice of appeal there is currently a wait of about 1 year for the appeal to be heard in the Tribunal.

(c) Basis of charging

Our fees are based on an hourly rate of £250 – £350. The range of figures set out above not include VAT which, where applicable, will be charged at 20%.

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