Grandparents rights to see their grandchildren

The question of grandparent’s rights to see their grandchildren when they are being denied the ability to spend time with them is a common one for family lawyers. Typically, there tends to be two main reasons why grandparents lose contact with their grandchildren: - either their own child has, or is in the process of [...]

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6 key legal considerations before starting a divorce

So, what are the 6 key legal considerations to bear in mind before starting a divorce? Firstly, do bear in mind before considering starting the divorce process that it can be very emotionally draining and is known to be one of life’s most stressful experiences, so take steps to ensure you have a good support [...]

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Divorce Filings Soar

The court service has disclosed that the number of people filing for divorce has increased from 6,764 in April 2021 to 12,978 in April 2022, which most are attributing to the coming into force of “no-fault divorce” laws   However, it might not be that simple, covid has also without doubt impacted on relationships, whilst [...]

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