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Neil Sibley goes the distance with boxing’s George Groves for a sports law podcast

Valemus’ sports law specialist Neil Sibley has represented many sporting champions, including the now-retired boxer George Groves. So he was more than happy to go head-to-head with George to record a podcast. As someone with in-depth experience of the law when it comes to boxing – and many other professional sports – Neil talked with [...]

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6 key legal considerations before starting a divorce

So, what are the 6 key legal considerations to bear in mind before starting a divorce? Firstly, do bear in mind before considering starting the divorce process that it can be very emotionally draining and is known to be one of life’s most stressful experiences, so take steps to ensure you have a good support [...]

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Julia Cluley and Joanna Abrahams detail the rights of cohabiting couples

Valemus’ Julia Cluley and Joanna Abrahams wrote an article that explains the misconceptions many have about the law relating to cohabiting couples. In their piece, which was published by the IFA magazine for financial and investment professionals, divorce and family law specialist Julia and Joanna, a family and children expert, detail the rights of those [...]

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Is there a place for Separation Agreements now that the divorce laws have been changed?

In her recent article, published by Today’s Family Lawyer, Valemus Law’s Julia Cluley, looks closely at whether Separation Agreements, agreements separating couples entering divorce proceedings use so they can move on with their lives at the earliest possible opportunity, still have a place in divorce law since the introduction of no-fault divorce. You can read [...]

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Joanna Abrahams writes in The Times about why parents are suffering due to private law case delays

The Times has published a piece by Valemus’ Joanna Abrahams about the problems parents are facing because of the length of time taken to conclude private law cases. Joanna, who is a partner at Valemus, says that private law cases are taking longer and longer to complete, with more cases being brought each year than [...]

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I Brought Up My Partner’s Child, What Are My Rights? Julia Cluley discusses with Lawyer Monthly

In a recent article, published by Lawyer Monthly, Valemus Law’s Julia Cluley, looks closely at the rights and responsibilities someone has if they have been left to bring up their partner’s child after the relationship has ended. Within her article Julia discusses how someone would go about getting parental responsibility for a child that isn’t [...]

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Family law partner Joanna Abrahams considers the issues surrounding annulment and same sex couples

In her recent article for Solicitors Journal, Joanna Abrahams looks closely at the laws around annulment, which is also known as nullity. An annulment can be applied for one of two grounds: that the marriage was never legally valid or that it was valid but was voidable. One of the reasons a marriage might be voidable [...]

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Manisha Hurchurn explains the biggest changes to family law in the past 20 years

With the Queen celebrating the Platinum Jubilee, Manisha Hurchurn wrote about how family law has been transformed since the 2002 Golden Jubilee. The article by Manisha, who is a family and children law specialist at Valemus Law, was published by Today’s Family Lawyer. In her piece, Manisha explains the legal changes regarding parental responsibility brought [...]

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