What the lease of your flat doesn’t tell you #2

In the previous article, I examined the right of the flat owners acting collectively to compel the landlord to sell them the freehold in the property. In this article, I look at the right of individual flat owners to compel the landlord to extend their lease.

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What the lease of your flat doesn’t tell you

Leases are complicated enough to send most people to sleep before they have reached the second page and it takes a special talent (or really bad insomnia) to read all the way through to the end. Nonetheless, even if you get to the last page, your lease will not have mentioned any of the following benefits that Parliament has bestowed upon you...

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HMG has made a number of announcements of support for the chargepoint infrastructure. Planning law has been relaxed; permission, usually a major factor and delay in green agenda projects, is not required where certain conditions are met. Regulation looks benign, with Ofgem taking a sensible view on the issue of whether a licence for supply will be required at charging stations

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Delays to ‘no fault’ divorce: should you wait to start divorce proceedings?

From April 2022 ‘no fault’ divorce will become available in England and Wales. This will mean that a party to a marriage may apply for a divorce without having to show that their spouse has done anything wrong, such as adultery or desertion. However, couples will have to now wait until April 2022 to use this new route – a further delay to its implementation which was expected this Autumn.

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